What to think?

Well, it started with this girl that I have been friends with for awhile. I’m confused as hell. She says she really wants to be with me and all, but everytime we set something up, she bails or makes some excuse. So I called her out on it and she said she would come to my house today and apologize. Did that happen? No. Of course not. She likes listening to those new school songs that are mostly about sex because of the “beat.” Plus, she hates reading. So she’s not really smart. My friends haven’t really said anything positive about her. She’s a cheerleader, but she stays true in her relationships and isn’t really a slut. I don’t know. She always bails on me, but idk if I should still date her. If she’s going to bail on me, that usually means she only likes my personality and doesn’t want to see me in person.

UPDATE: She was just nervous. I never did get with her. Talks are still underway and the possibility is there.


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