It’s goin good… until…

So I go to My little second cousins’ birthday party/ies and I meet this really nice girl… Her name was [yea right, like I’m gonna give you her name so you can invade her privacy]. I walk by her going into the party, but she’s carrying a basketball around… So I ask her if there’s a basketball court, and she says, “Yea, there’s one over there.”. So I ask her if she wants to play some with me and she says sure (yea, she has no one else at the party to talk with…). We went over to the Basketball Court to play basketball. We talk and I give her some compliments, like any nice guy would do. We get to know each other really well. So she asks if I have ever been to the lake, and she points to it, 50 yards away. I say “Nope, but do you want to go over there?” So we go over there, after giving her my water bottle because she forgot one, and sit on a big rock, right by the lake. It was a beautiful view. We talk and get to know each other a little bit and I made two moves which made her smile. One, I held her hand. Two, I put my arm around her. She was perfectly fine with it! Yay! I couldn’t believe I was actually flirting with a girl and doing it right. So our parents are calling us, and we walk back over to the party and do the pictures and boring crap like that, then we go sit on a couch upstairs. We talk for a little bit and got each other’s phone numbers. I put my arm around her and she laid her head on my shoulder. There’s kids with us so we didn’t dare do anything. But… then… the kids play hide and seek… I think: Wow! Exactly what I wanted to happen! Is this the right moment?” So I go in for the kill and there’s our first kiss… We just laid there and we kissed off and on when parents and kids weren’t around… PARTY’S OVER!!!! Oh man I was about to cry… having to see her leave…

Good morning! I’m still at the party host’s house because we slept over.  I check facebook because I added her as a friend the previous night.  And… In the messages… I see the responses like “I miss you too!(:” and all of that stuff… and then I check the time stamps.  Fifteen minutes later after that… There’s a message I regret reading. “don’t get mad or anything, but we kinda just met so do u wunna just be like friends?? It’s just u live in new jersey and thts like a long time away.. so maybe we should just be friends..” I was heartbroken… I knew there was no way of fighting it… I just did some friendly counter-points anyway… Hoping it would make her change her mind… But it didn’t.  I did try damn hard to get her back.  I really do want her back.


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